5 year Warranty


1. ARCLUCE S.p.A ensures that LED products branded ARCLUCE, installed in accordance to the instructions associated to the devices and regulations for the installation of electrical equipment, are free from faults in manufacturing and/or material, at the terms of art. 1490 and following of the Italian Civil Code.

2. ARCLUCE S.p.A. ensures also the functioning of the LED product branded ARCLUCE, installed in accordance to the instructions associated to the devices and regulations for the installation of electrical equipment, for a period of five years from the date of the invoice issued by ARCLUCE S.p.A. at the following conditions (excluding the U.S. and Canada).

3. The Guarantee under art. 2 is valid at the following conditions:

a. Installations and maintenance are carried out by qualified technical personnel in accordance with the instructions associated to the product;

b. The products are operated in accordance with the user guidelines and in their intended use;

c. The limit values of voltage, frequency, power supply and operating temperature (Ta 25 °C unless otherwise specified), indicated in the instruction card and / or identification label are respected;

d. The product is not exposed to mechanical loads that could damage the structure or any other part of the device,, including the lighting source;

e. The product is not exposed to chemical and / or abrasive agents that may damage the protective coat of paint or surface treatment and / or the structure of the device;

f. The nominal failure rate (0.2% per 1000 operating hours) is not exceeded. It is important to note how lumen flux loss is a natural phenomenon in LEDs and consequently it is not covered by this warranty unless the lumen depreciation rate is higher than 0.6% per 1000 operating hours;

g. The product/products with defects/faults in manufacturing are kept in that state for as long as it is necessary to enable ARCLUCE S.p.A to carry out the necessary checks on the defects/faults complained;

h. The customer has regularly paid the product in accordance to the payment terms as agreed;

i. ARCLUCE S.p.a. shall be notified in writing on any complaints on the so-called apparent defects, arising from any causes other than transport, loading or unloading operations. Notices must be submitted by e-mail or fax within and no later than 10 days of the receipt of products by the Purchaser, under penalty of forfeiture of the relevant rights. Any complaints concerning any defects which cannot be detected by thorough inspection upon receipt (the so-called hidden defects) shall be submitted in writing to ARCLUCE S.p.a. by e-mail or fax within and no later than 10 days of the detection of the defect and, in any case, within one year after product delivery to the  Purchaser, under penalty of forfeiture of the relevant rights.

4. The Guarantee does not cover:

a. Components subject to normal wear, such as batteries, or plastic components that might lose or change color due to natural aging;

b. Faults of products due to unexpected and unpredictable events, such as flood, lightning, fire, natural catastrophe, or accidents during shipping;

c. Faults resulting from anomalies on electrical voltage with a peak value higher than:

- 1 kV between phase and neutral

- 2kV between phase or neutral and ground

d. the damages caused by the presence of harmonics distortions with a THD coefficient higher than 15%

e. Different characteristics of power, lumen output and chromaticity coordinates compared with items delivered in different lots due to normal technological advancements;

f. All additional charges resulting from the fault repair (for example those related to the assembly/disassembly, transport of the product affected by faults and of the repaired device/new product, disposal, travel allowance, lifting equipment and/or scaffolding). These costs will be charged to the Customer;

g. Electrical components branded by companies other than Arcluce, but commercialized by ARCLUCE;

5. If after analysis carried out by Arcluce S.p.A it were to be established that the product is affected by faults covered by this Guarantee declaration under art. 1 and 2, according to previous paragraphs 2 and 3, ARCLUCE S.p.A will be free to proceed at its discretion, for the repair and / or replacement of the original product with an identical or equivalent product, in line with technological improvement compared to the original product. The product or the replaced components are guaranteed to be exempt from manufacturing faults for the remaining period of the warranty of the replaced product.

6. This Warranty shall be governed by Italian law and the Milan court has exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the present warranty or the sale agreement concerning the LED products branded ARCLUCE.