Lighting Effects
KORA. Innovation and technology in a great classic

Range of ceiling or wall-mounted luminaires available in 3 sizes.

Equipped with innovative technologies such as the 3000K, 4000K and 6000K CCT Selector and the integrated Motion Sensor, KORA range is designed with an optimal distribution of the LED sources to offer a uniform and homogeneous lighting. The technical and innovative features guarantee a high versatility of use and easy installation.

  • Quick fixing: The KORA range is equipped with a quick release bracket (via release buttons) to make the installation activities easy and fast.
  • External Wiring: Wiring is immediate too! The external panel connector is practical and easily accessible, with no need to open the device.


LED Color



Code Optics Watt Lumen CCT CRI Wiring A B C
0203034A-11 extra wide flood 115° 18W 2200lm SELECTOR 90 ON/OFF 280mm 53mm 280mm
0203021S-940-11 extra wide flood 115° 18W 2300lm 4000K 90 SNS 280mm 53mm 280mm
0203035A-11 extra wide flood 115° 24W 2750lm SELECTOR 80 ON/OFF 330mm 53mm 330mm
0203022S-940-11 extra wide flood 115° 24W 2750lm 4000K 90 SNS 330mm 53mm 330mm
0203036A-11 extra wide flood 115° 36W 3600lm SELECTOR 90 ON/OFF 400mm 53mm 400mm

Others: offices / schools / common areas