Lighting Effects
NOVA. The Waterproof luminaire with Power Selector

Integrated power selector for convenient consumption management.

  • NOVA is the Waterproof lighting fixture with Power Selector to adapt consumptions to the context where it’s placed in;
  • NOVA is available with Emergency KIT (SA - 3 hours autonomy);
  • NOVA is also available in SNS version with Motion Sensor and Twilight Sensor.
All NOVA versions can be equipped with the "OPAL COMFORT DIFFUSER" accessory made of opal polycarbonate with a pleasant striped finish, it attenuates the lighting output (-6%), improving visual comfort. The opal diffuser is a suitable accessory for indoor installations where staff or customers pass or stop by.
NOVA - Watertight ceiling light
NOVA - Watertight ceiling light, dimensions


LED Color



Code Optics Watt Lumen CCT CRI Wiring A B C
0201060A-840-21 extra wide flood 120° 20W 3000lm 4000K 80 ON/OFF 120mm 80mm 660mm
0201061A-840-21 extra wide flood 120° 36W 5500lm 4000K 80 ON/OFF 120mm 80mm 1220mm
0201062A-840-21 extra wide flood 120° 60W 9600lm 4000K 80 ON/OFF 120mm 80mm 1220mm