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E-GLOW Plus. The ADVANCED Watertight with CCT Selector

Watertight ceiling light with an elegant and refined design, also suitable for residential applications.

  • E-GLOW Plus is evolved. Designed as a standard "pre-wired" complete with head with cable gland, head with watertight screw cap and cable gland for cascade connection.
  • E-GLOW Plus is practical. Thanks to quick installation in 4 simple steps, without opening and without using tools.
  • E-GLOW Plus is exclusive. With an elegant and refined design also suitable for residential and commercial applications.
  • E-GLOW Plus is unique. Thanks to the linear connection joint (optional accessory) it allows the creation of lines of light without interruptions. A functional lighting solution with a high aesthetic impact (also for applications in residential and commercial spaces).

Available in 3 lengths, with CCT selector for color temperatures selectable at 3000K, 4000K and 6500K. Can be installed on ceiling, wall and suspension (the package includes quick release brackets, stainless steel suspension hooks, cable gland for cascade connection).

E-GLOW Plus is recommended for the lighting of residential spaces in general such as condominium areas, stairs, walkways, garage boxes, offices, commercial activities and in all situations that require quick installations, in series, with particular attention to aesthetic factor.

E-GLOW Plus - Watertight ceiling light
E-Glow Plus
E-GLOW - Watertight ceiling light, dimensions


LED Color



Code Optics Watt Lumen CCT CRI Wiring A B C
0201011A-21 extra wide flood 115° 15W 2100lm 107K 80 ON/OFF 67mm 80mm 675mm
0201012A-21 extra wide flood 115° 33W 4200lm 107K 80 ON/OFF 67mm 80mm 1225mm
0201013A-21 extra wide flood 115° 45W 6000lm 107K 80 ON/OFF 67mm 80mm 1525mm

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