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E-GLOW Plus SYSTEM. IP65 Modular System

E-GLOW Plus SYSTEM is designed with the aim of offering maximum versatility of installation and adaptation to different lighting requirements. You can install it pendant or ceiling-mounted in a practical and fast way, thanks to the included accessories. Then if, even after installation, you decide to switch from warm light (3000K), to neutral light (4000K) or even to cool white light (6500K) you can always do so without having to redo the installation or even change the product.


E-GLOW Plus is a well-designed IP65 Modular System. With 4 available accessories (linear, 90°, T- or cross joints), it is practically possible to make endless configurations and meet any lighting requirement. All accessories are quick-connect and do not require tools during assembly.


E-GLOW Plus is made to guarantee an IP65 degree of protection (totally protected against dust and water jets), also suitable for outdoor installations. The accessories (linear, 90°, T or cross joints), guarantee the same IP65 degree of protection, so it will be possible to create paths of light, following display areas even outdoors, without having to install any unsightly exposed piping.

No project is impossible with E-GLOWPlus SYSTEM

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E-GLOW Plus - Watertight ceiling light
LINEAR (with end caps)
E-GLOW - Watertight ceiling light, dimensions


LED Color



Code Optics Watt Lumen CCT CRI Wiring A B C
0201011A-21 extra wide flood 115° 17W 2100lm SELECTOR 80 ON/OFF 67mm 80mm 675mm
0201012A-21 extra wide flood 115° 33W 4200lm SELECTOR 80 ON/OFF 67mm 80mm 1225mm

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